About South Carolina Masters Swimming

About South Carolina LMSC:

Promoting fitness and health in adults for beginners, fitness swimmers, triathletes and competitive swimmers!

South Carolina Masters Swimming is a state subdivision of US Masters Swimming (USMS). Officially known as the SC Local Masters Swimming Committee (SCLMSC), we exist to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting Masters Swimming programs.

USMS was founded in 1970 and has nearly 60,000 members. It supports and encourages competition, but more than half of its members are fitness swimmers who do not compete. USMS is one of five organizations that comprise “United States Aquatic Sports”, which is a member of FINA, the international governing body for aquatic sports.

USMS is organized in 53 geographic areas of the United States which are managed by Local Masters Swim Committees (LMSC). The South Carolina LMSC is part of the Southeast Zone.

Local clubs (teams) are located across the state. They hold organized workouts and compete in US Masters swim meets. There are three major Masters meets held in SC each year.