Margaret Hoynes

Margaret Hoynes


I am a member of the Grand Strand Masters Swimming Team. I learned how to swim when I was a baby (my parents like to take the credit, haha). I started swimming on a summer league team when I was 10. I’ve always loved the water and get compared to Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

My favorite stroke backstroke. My favorite events are the 50 fly, 100 back and 100 free! I am not a big fan of breaststroke. My legs just don’t go that way!

Besides swimming, I love to try new restaurants and bars, visit family and friends, go to the beach, binge-watch shows/movies on Netflix, cheer on my South Carolina Gamecocks and attend local events.

Some of my bucket list items include: Travel, travel, travel. I’d like to visit every continent, swim with dolphins, scuba dive, go skiing/snowboarding, attend a big awards show (Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.) and write/produce a horror movie.

I LOVE Halloween. My fiancĂ© and I are obsessed and start decorating at the end of August. I’ve created some pretty awesome costumes in the past and do my own makeup. I started my own business last year (2018) which was scary at first, but has really paid off. It’s a very rewarding experience to help small businesses. I love music of all genres and may surprise people by knowing the words to a TON of songs. I’m a pretty good cook and enjoy trying/making new dishes.